About Us

Every church has a reason for its existence.


 We exist to honor God by making more disciples by bringing people close to Jesus Christ. 

 For more than 60 years, our  church has had the priveledge to serve the Orangevale community, see numerous people come to Christ through various ministries God has had in our church, and been a part of planting three other churches. We’ve seen countless people sent on missions near and far.  Today we are seeing new people come to Christ, numerous people served in our church and in our community, and we are excited to be  a part of it! 

We focus on these five purposes:



1. Worship

Worship is focusing on God. It is giving Him the love and respect that is due to Him as Lord and Savior of our life. We do this through singing, praying, teaching, baptism, serving, and the Lord’s Supper. 

Worship is both an individual and 

a corporate experience.

2. Ministry

Ministry is a main goal of the church. Our desire is to see people using their spiritual gifts and talents for God in a constructive, positive way. There is a sense of fulfillment when people begin using their gifts and talents to serve the Lord and others. Tied in with this are various classes where both evangelism and discipleship, along with ministry preparation, take place.

3. Evangelism

Evangelism is reaching out to the community with the love of God. To carry out this vital part of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we use various ways including our Life Groups, bridge events that connect with the community, small groups, senior adult ministries, children’s programs, and sports to name a few ways we attempt to reach out.

4. Fellowship

Fellowship describes the goal of our church to be a place where people feel cared for and can build relationships with others that will enhance and transform their life.

5. Discipleship

Discipleship focuses on helping people develop and grow spiritually in their walk with God. To help accomplish this, we offer Life Groups for all ages, life-development classes, and personal one-on-one discipleship.

Meet Pastor Ryan Jacobs

Pastor Ryan Jacobs, his wife Sarah, daughter Madison, and son Zenon


Pastor Ryan truly has a heart for God and for serving his church and community. At previous ministerial stops, Ryan has had a hand in leading youth, men’s, and single’s ministries.  Wherever he has been, Pastor Ryan had touched peoples’ lives and done his best to lead people to Christ.

Below is Pastor Ryan’s Ministry Statement:

It is my purpose to bring others into God’s flock. To help others to see that worshipping  God is the greatest, and only true, purpose for every individual  that has the possibility to pour out into every facet of life. To help others see their true potential in God, and that none of this is possible without the redemption that was finished by our Lord Jesus Christ. That each of us is responsible for our influence through our behavior and interaction with everyone we come in contact with.

The ministry of this church would be impossible without our supporting staff and countless volunteers that serve every week.  We are thankful for the opportunity to serve our community, the lives that we’ve seen changed, and the partners we’ve gained and continued to work with in the Orangevale community.